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The Grinch MDO Christmas Lawn Yard Ornament Professionally Crafted by Zanygear

  • $ 154.99

ATTENTION: Before placing your order PLEASE read the full description! (INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS NOT OFFERED ON THIS PRODUCT. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ORDER IF OUTSIDE THE U.S.) Handling time for this item may take 3-6 weeks. They are not painted until the order is placed in case there's a special request for changes in color and time allotted for paint to completely dry. Please let us know immediately after placing the order if you desire a modification in color or you will get the colors as shown. The material used is 1/2" MDO plywood. It is a very expensive high quality marine plywood made to last for the outdoors. One 4 X 8 sheet costs about $75.00. (See more about MDO at bottom of page) The paint used is acrylic paint followed up by clear coat over the top to help protect against weather and give a glossy effect. Every single ornament is completely painted to sheer perfection! The back and outside edges are painted black. Also included will be a metal conduit pole for easy mounting along with brackets. The Christmas bulb/ball the Grinch is holding in the picture is NOT INCLUDED. If you want just the cut-out unpainted and want to paint it yourself email us at The MDO will be primed on the side you will paint on. All the inner lines will be showing from the carbon paper used for tracing. The Grinch unpainted with mounting supplies will be $90.00(shipping included). Buyers Beware! A lot of eBay and Etsy sellers make their projects out of cheaper plywood such as birch and pine that outside weather will destroy in no time. A little bit of rain & moisture mixed with sunshine afterwards will make your ornament separate and split. I have yard ornaments that I made over 10 years ago (365 days X 10 years) that have been outside and the MDO still hasn't peeled or separated. The dimensions of The Grinch are 42 1/2" X 26". Free Shipping to U.S. only excluding Alaska & Hawaii. MDO medium density overlay panel, or MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. The overlay, which has at least 27% resin content, resists water, weather, wear and degradation.

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